U.S. Department of Defense


Building Facts

  • 843,000 GSF
  • LEED Silver design
  • Seven story structure
  • Open office areas with large flexible floor plate
  • Multi Green Roofs
  • 250 ft. connector bridge to adjacent building
  • Parking Structure (3,100+ spaces)Multi-Purpose Conference Centers (three 100 person reconfigurable rooms)
  • Unclassified Retail Spaces
  • Unclassified Fitness Center
  • Unclassified Cafeteria
  • Exterior Morse Code Historical message wall

The ECB2 project, a showcase piece for East Campus, is considered a weapons system in defense of our Nation and will support the next generation of Signals Intelligence and Information Assurance in support of our Nation’s warfighters.

The project consists of an Operations Facility of approximately 843,000 gross square feet for 3,100+ personnel, as well as an expanded parking structure and associated generator yard.  This facility is necessary to further support the Maryland Procurement Office’s mission operations.  The overall intent is to attract future talent for the customer by providing a comfortable, attractive and walkable campus.